Seeking stolen cello, RECOVERED!


Update: On Feb. 16th, a man called to say he’d bought my cello at a flea market and he’d like to get it back to me. It’s home again now. Heartfelt thanks to all who worked with me in the effort to publicize its theft & bring it home!

In January, 2014, thieves stole the musical instruments from our home in Portland, Oregon, USA. Among the instruments we lost was this handmade cello and an Emile Dupree bow, all in a black fiberglass case with a blue lining.

I’m offering a significant reward for any information that leads to its return. I can be contacted via email at

allen at pooleweb dot com

and by phone/text at

five zero three — seven two zero — three seven four two

The thieves also stole my guitar and my wife’s violin, among other things. Please take a look at these other two links if you might encounter any of our instruments.