Seeking Recovered! c. 1848 Martin Guitar


In January, 2014, thieves stole the musical instruments from our home in Portland, Oregon, USA. Among the instruments we lost was this 19th century Martin guitar, in a black hard case with brass-plated hardware and a green lining.

Feb 22, 2019 update: A Portland collector came into possession of my guitar and later learned that it had been stolen. He wasn't able to return it before his death, but left instructions in his will for his executors to do so and now it is with us again. Heartfelt thanks to the many people around the world whose combined efforts brought this instrument home.

The thieves also stole my cello and my wife’s violin, among other things. Please take a look at these other two links if you might encounter any of our instruments. Our Portland Police case number is 14-001691.